Mask Fitting Guide

Please print out fitting guides and cut out the nose hole you think will fit you best and place over face. If the size is too big or too small please repeat the process.


ComfortGel Petite/Small/Medium Sizing Guide

ComfortGel Large Sizing Guide

ComfortLite 2 Sizing Guide

Download the Direct Seal Sizing Gauge  

ComfortLite 2 Finding the right fit

ComfortLite 2 patient fitting guide

ComfortLite Simple cushion sizing guide

ComfortFull 2 small/medium sizing guide

ComfortFull 2 large sizing guide

ComfortFull 2 patient fitting guide

ComfortSelect  Small sizing guide 

Download the ComfortSelect Small Sizing Gauge

Comfort Select Medium sizing guide

Download the ComfortSelect Medium Sizing Gauge

ComfortClassic  Small/Medium sizing guide

ComfortCurve 1 size only 

Profile Lite Simplicity   

Total Face Mask 1 size only

Optilfe  (Complete with all sizes)


Activa  Sizing guide


Ultra Mirage Sizing guide


Ultra Mirage  II  Sizing guide


Mirage Vista  Sizing guide


Quattro  Coming soon”


Liberty Coming soon”


Ultra Mirage  Full Face  Coming soon”


Swift 2    - (Complete with all sizes)


Fisher & Paykel


 Flexifit 405 Small/Large “no sizing guide available”

Flexifit 406 Petite sizing guide

Flexifit 407 Medium sizing guide

Flexifit Full Face 431

  Flexifit Full Face 432 “use Full Face 431 guide”

Opus   (Complete with all sizes)

Infinity  (Complete with all sizes)

Oracle   (Complete with all sizes)

Puritan Bennett

Breeze Sleep Gear DreamSeal Sizing guide


DreamFit “use DreamSeal guide”


Breeze Sleep Gear Nasal Pillows (Complete with all sizes)


Adam Interface System “no downloadable sizing guide available”


Softfit “no sizing guide availiable






Standard Style  Sizing guide


Advantage Hush   Sizing guide


Full Advantage   Sizing guide







Series 6351D, 7351D & 9351  Sizing guide